Selected Works



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When Envy Gets Under Your Skin - Bigcartel, 2017

The Year in Slime Videos - Hazlitt, 2016

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Armpit hair is 2015's hottest fashion accessory - National Post, 2016

Companies Love Misery: Why Being Sad and Angry is Suddenly So Stylish - National Post, 2015



Review: Jessica Bruder’s Nomadland and Chris Urquhart’s Dirty Kids explore itinerant lives - The Globe and Mail, 2017

Review: Red Star Tattoo by Sonja Larsen - The Globe and Mail, 2016

Love for the subject: Patti Smith discusses her new memoir - National Post, 2015

Carrie Brownstein: Confessions of a Rebel - Dazed Magazine, 2015

God save the Queen: two new biographies of different monarchs reveal our enduring fascination with royalty - National Post, 2014

"Who survives, who doesn't?": An Interview with Margaret Atwood - Hazlitt, 2013



The Real Cost of Buying Fake Designer Goods - FASHION, 2017

New York's most stylish sexagenarian on fashion and spirituality - CNN, 2017

What Happened to Celine Dion's Wardrobe? - The Walrus, 2016

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Inside the quirky style – and personal brand – of fashion’s Beckerman twins - The Globe and Mail, 2014

Fashion Blogging is Dead - Hazlitt, 2013



Prairie Dresses Help Me Feel Like Myself - Racked, 2017

The Best Time I Was a Teenage Ayn Rand Worshipper - The Hairpin, 2014

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Israel - Hazlitt, 2013



An Interview with the Founder of World Goth Day - The Hairpin, 2015

We spoke to Cyndi Lauper about her new shoe line, last weekend's Pride parade + more - FASHION, 2015

We Talked to the Guy Who's Worn a New Band T-Shirt Every Day for 1000 Days - Vice, 2014